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an impact, did it not, on quantum physics. >> so they say. and it had an impact on ape lot of technology that's be invented since then. >> and his paper on relativity blew isaac newton out of the water in isaac newton's, what, 200 year acceptance of his formula with regardto weight and space and light, gravi$y? >> that really applies more to general relativity, so i mean blowing newton out of the water as the "new york times" said heaven's all askew. einstein surpasses newton. that really is for the general relativitywhich is papers that he did at the end of 1915, 1916. moving bodies, his specl theory of relativity establishes the equivalence of mass and energy. this is the famous e equals mc squared equati that later is falsely claimed to make him the father of the atomic bomb. >> e stands for energy,@m stands for mass. the small c a. >> speed of light. >> a term of science. the c itself is the speed of light and you square the speed of light and then matter and matter becomes interchangeable with -- >> eney. >> with energy. >> yes. >> and this of course is at a very sic level the sec"
Search Results 0 to 0 of about 1